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MindDud PE [Puzzle] Map For Minecraft PE 0.12.1

MindDud PE [Puzzle] Map is a test of wits and your patience, thinking and sensitivity in difficult situations. Your job in this map is to pass all the questions and challenges that the author has made.

A total of 15 different challenges and all are not easy at all.  In each test you will be given a few clues but the majority of the time spent at each problem comes down to using your mind to come up with a suitable solution. Do not ignore it, it will make you have a headache there. Focus, acumen and experience is all that I want to tell you to be able to complete this map.


Special Blocks Explanations:

  • Note: You can only place blocks by the use of the special blocks.
  • Soul Sand: lets you place wooden blocks, slabs and any other wooden blocks
  • Quartz Block: lets you place any type of stone block
  • Sandstone (smooth): lets you place falling blocks
  • Obsidian: lets you place anything on it



MindDud PE
MindDud PE
MindDud PE
MindDud PE

Author: Future Gunner



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