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MindDud 3 PE [Puzzle] Map For MCPE

Do you know MindDud puzzle Map Series? And do you like it? If you like it so this map is for you. MindDud 3 PE is the third map in the popular MindDud puzzle map series. It consists of 24 brain challenging levels which which might cause your brain to boil at some point. Try to keep cool though, there’s always a solution for every level. Just make sure to understand what each special block means before entering the map. We’ve it explained here further down.

Special Blocks Explanation: 

  • Soul Sand: lets you place wood blocks
  • Chiseled Quartz Block: lets you place stone blocks
  • Nether Brick: lets you place falling blocks
  • Mushroom Block: lets you place aquatic blocks
  • End Stone: restricted blocks
  • Bricks: everything
  • Bedrock: specified blocks only, e.g. if a bedrock is seen in a level and next to it is a spruce wood plank, then spruce wood plank is specified to be allowed for this level only to be placed next to a bedrock block
  • Polished Diorite: lets you place frosty blocks


  • Only place blocks in special blocks (see explanation above)
  • Always throw away leftover items from the last level
  • Try your best not to skip levels


MindDud 3 PE
MindDud 3 PE
MindDud 3 PE
MindDud 3 PE
MindDud 3 PE
MindDud 3 PE

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