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Metro 2.0 [Creation] Map for Minecraft PE

Say goodbye with interruptions in the map thanks to 5 subway stations. They not only come with an automatic system but also other important items. Pay attention to a custom texture pack and Redstone in the map. It includes arrows to indicate signs for playing this game.

Founded by: ondraczsk

How to Play Metro 2.0 [Creation] Map

When you stand on the ground level, you have a chance to discover a variety of subway stations. You can find particular textures indicating special items. There are entrance doors that come with green check marks.

In each direction, there are two tracks when going down the subway. Press the button, and then wait for the spawning of a minecart. You don’t need to do other things. The process is completely automatic.

The map also has underground rails and the customized environment.

How to Install Metro 2.0 [Creation] Map

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