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Meteors Mod for Minecraft PE 0.13.0

Meteors Mod is a complex and wide mod which is so amazing.It was made by Dr Lazuli.This mod is about meteors in Minecraft PE.

With it, you will have nine new types of meteors.All of them can fall from the sky.You can enable and disabled using a simple text command.Typing the following text command to activate the meteorite fall: / first  start.From now meteor will start falling at random.It will bring a lot of precious metals like gold, emerald and lapis lazuli.To turn off the radio and television and meteorite falls use the following text command: / last end.Immediately create a meteor somewhere in the neighborhood perimeter of the location where you are currently using the following text command: / see create.

Some meteorites like Snow Meteor, Fire Meteor, Monster Meteor, Glowstone Meteor ..



All Commands

  • /met start – enables random meteor spawning and turns meteor broadcasting on
  • /met end – disables the above things
  • /met spawn – toggles random meteor spawning
  • /met broadcast – toggles the meteor broadcasting
  • /met create – generates a random meteor somewhere in your area
  • /met storm – starts a popper storm (fire & explosions)

Item IDs

  • Meteor Spawner (640)
  • Snow Meteor Spawner (641)
  • Fire Meteor Spawner (642)
  • Monster Meteor Spawner (643)
  • Glowstone Meteor Spawner (644)
  • Nether Meteor Spawner (645)
  • End Meteor Spawner (646)
  • Man Made Meteor Spawner (647)
  • King Meteor Spawner (648)
  • Popper (649)
  • Fire Popper (650)

Author:Dr Lazuli


Meteors Mod

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