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Mesaville [Creation] Map for Minecraft PE

You can find a variety of cool features in Mesaville such as strongholds and a naval base. It’s worth discovering this Minecrafty village.

There are many purposes when playing this map. After downloading the map, you can discover many impressive features.

Founded by: keithross39

The creator must spend about 11 months to finish building up the map.

This stronghold helps protect you from the monsters. There is an old Greek temple on the right of the stronghold.

Besides, the mansion is set up on a hill, which comes with a helicopter pad and a swimming pool.

There is a large container ship on the coast’s shore.

There is a secret base on the ocean.

Discover the naval base now. It has several army ships and a submarine. Check out its interior now.

There are a helicopter and an airport in the naval base.

Requirement: wait a few minutes to download the game.

How to Install Mesaville [Creation] Map

Download .McWorld

Download .ZIP