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Mesa Biome & Villages Seed for Minecraft PE

It looks like two separate villages when you use this seed spawns. Therefore, they provide enough food for you in several weeks. Here is also an ideal place for you to discover the natural world with the appearance of a big spawn mesa biome. You have a good chance to find out a huge source of gold.

Creator: HappyTimeOrange

Your responsibility is accessing an average sized village, where have one blacksmith. Here is the place where the spawn happens. Attack the blacksmith, open his chest and take several supportive items.

  • 1 apple
  • 2 bread
  • 2 iron boots
  • 4 saplings

Move on the next village. It is situated next to the first village. You will find it simple to find the village by maximizing the render distance. All you need to do is going straight ahead from the first small village. Following the river is a good recommendation.

It is very clear that you can easily find two villages in a plains biome. This place covers a big mesa biome.

Get as much gold as you can with a plenty of gold here. There is no need of going deep underground. Everything is available on the surface of the ground.

Seed: -1850349118

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