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Minecraft PE Seed: meh. – village and dungeon

In this seed you spawn close an desert village, you can see it in front of you after you spawn. Surrounding area is many cool biome, as you can see in the images below: desert, island, savannah… can be found in this seed. Also if you dig straight down at the spawn you can found an dungeon, and of course in dungeon always have monsters.
First you will got random ore, most of them is coal and iron if luckily you will found gold and diamond. Remember always digging around every ores has found and will you got all the ores. At the end of the dungeon is an abandoned mineshaft. Close there you will got the final room of the dungeon, contain 2 chest with diamonds inside.
In the village also can be found is an chest in the blacksmith. The chest contain: iron, apple, bread in it.






Seeds : meh. Work in PE ver0.9.0+

Another tip you need: Don’t forget the dot at the end of the name seed.

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