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Minecraft PE seed : megamansion – 2 Mob Spawners

The target of this seed is two mob spawners. To find from the spawn just need following each step. First, from the spawn turn right and walk to that direction about 10 blocks after see the structure of two grass blocks in a horizontal line that is the sign to walk to your right. And digging down at the circle has been marked as images below. After 5-6s digging you will fall down to first dungeon. Make sure you are already for meet zombie spawner, from the first spawner turn to left and the second spawner appear. 





Mostly mob spawner have a chest close. And in there have a chest too. Here is list of the items in the chest:

  • 6 gun powders
  • 6 bread
  • 3 iron ingots
  • 1 string
  • 1 wheat
Seeds : megamansion Work in PE ver0.10.0+

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