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Minecraft PE Seed: medical mekal – village & savannah

In this seed you spawn close an the edge of the savannah biome, the spawn point close a village. Savannah biome is one of pretty cool terrain, you will find lots of cool feature: pool of lava, pool of water, grassland, extreme hill, overhang… but most of them is appear a little bit. Also if you dig straight down at the spawn, after a while digging you will reach to the cave system.

This cave system quite large, so you need prepare lots of torches before fall into it. You’ll find under waterfall and underwater. Sometimes you will find the lava flows and several of ores: coal, iron, gold and diamonds. We hasn’t discover all the this cave system, so if you find any special from this cave system leave the comment below!!





Seeds : medical mekal Work in PE ver0.9.0+

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