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MCPE+ Mod for Minecraft PE

This mod offers you a great opportunity to decorate your house with above 100 extra blocks. These blocks are elegant and solid to build up your building. In addition to this feature, the blocks of MCPE+ Mod also come with the simple design and new colors.

Founded by: ThunderModPE

How does MCPE+ Mod work?

It is easy for you to find out 12 new patterned blocks in this mod, including diorite, andesite, granite, snow, stone bricks, sandstone, quartz, red sandstone, and bricks.

Crafting new blocks becomes much easier than ever before thanks to the equipment of core blocks. For instance, if you intend to design quartz blocks, you should get quartz blocks in your hands.

In the following picture, there are 6 torches and 7 redstone lamps for you to discover. The lamps are the perfect combination between a dye and a common redstone lamp. Moreover, the torches re the result of combining a dye and one torch.

Pay attention to this attractive melon. Although the melon looks like a common one, it makes impressive by the face of a Jack o’Lantern. Owning a Jack o’Lantern melon is possible by using a shear.

Another option is getting new bookshelves that are made from birch, acacia, etc.

To make the dark places brighter, you must use the glowstone. It is colorful enough to set up your attractive building. Glowstone is considered as the great combination between one dye and one common glowstone.

Now we will show you five distinct crafting tables. Compared to a normal crafting table, these tables are made from various types of wood blocks.

Portable Crafting Table is an outstanding feature of this mod. In comparison with a common crafting table, Portable Crafting Table has the same working operation. However, you need to tap the table on the ground instead of placing it down.

Designing the Portable Crafting Table requires the great combination between 1 item frame and 1 crafting table.

Look at these blocks below. Although these blocks are portal, they are very effective for decorating. Crafting these blocks is a simple task with 1 diamond and 8 glass panels.



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