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Mario Craft Mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.5

Mario Craft Mod is a special and creative mod which was created by Dart377.It will bring you the world which was based on famous game Mario.

Mario Craft Mod was inspired by  Super Mario Bros 1 for  Game Boy Advance.This mod provides you a new map and many new blocks.It will change the entire play, game modes and how to build.It’s like a separate world.All information on it I will introduce later.It is exciting.I recommend you download this mod if you do not want to regret.

Mario Craft Mod
Mario Craft Mod


  • To play type /enter
  • Play levels created by yourself or play levels other have created
  • Block interration: jump blocks and breakable bricks.
  • Certain blocks unbreakable
  • Place blocks and access chests


  • To build type /build
  • Access every blocks
  • Access the side control GUI with: fly up, fly down, fly still, end flight, time set day, place block on feet, TMI inventory editor (id)
  • Infinitive health
  • The most easy and perfect way to build levels to play yourself and share with others


  • No fall damage
  • 8 block horizontal jump
  • 4 block vertical jump
  • Sprinting
  • Classic in-game music

Special Blocks

  • Jump Block: if you step on it you will jump 15 blocks into the air
  • Breakable Brick: jump and hit it with your head and it will break
  • Coin Brick: jump and hit it with your head and it will be a used brick and drop a coin (you’ll be able to collect coins in next version)
  • ?Block: jump and hit it with your head to get a powerup (the powerup abilities will be in the next version)

Block List

  • Used Block (ID: 174)
  • Platform Block (ID: 175)
  • Grass Platform (ID: 177)
  • Dirt Platform (ID: 180)
  • Dark Platform (ID: 182)
  • Coin Brick (ID: 176)
  • Plant (ID: 178)
  • Pipe (ID: 179)
  • Jump Block (ID: 181)
  • Breakable Brick  (ID: 183)
  • Item Block (ID: 184)



Mario Craft Mod

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