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Map in 0.14.0

The newest item that was added to Minecraft Pocket Edition is Map! Map is already available in the PC, Mac, and console versions (both Xbox and Play Station). Maps allow you to ‘map’ out the world, see terrain, and what direction you’re facing. Pretty much like a proper map in other video games, which should not have been something that needs to be crafted, but okay. This allows players to easily navigate throughout the world of Minecraft. Mojang is bringing map in 0.14.0.

map in 0.14.0

How to create a map in 0.14.0?

  • 9 papers => 1 map

Maps are blanked when first crafted, but textures will gradually appear as the player explores the world. Maps also include a pin-pointer which shows the Player’s location in real time. Other players within radius of the map are also visible in the map.

map in 0.14.0

Maps can be upgraded with an anvil

  • Map + Compass = Map with pinpointer
  • Map + 8 paper = Zoomed out map
  • Map + Empty map = 2 identical maps

While held in hand, the map gradually draws itself as the player moves to new locations in the world.

The map only show the surface, anything below is for the player to discover. Because of that, the map becomes useless in the Nether.

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