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The Manipulator Mod for Minecraft PE

Do you want to apply modern technology in your game? Then the Manipulator Mod is a right place to visit. There are 8 amazing items for you to control the world. With these tools, you can freeze time or change effectively the gravity. Discover all gorgeous features of the game.

Founded by: KervyDragon

How to Play The Manipulator Mod

Take 8 items from the creative inventory. Check various crafting recipes in this article when you are in survival mode.

After keeping your necessary items on your hand, you should press the “Use” button on the left side of the interface. Turn on or off the button to open the feature of these items.

Chronomatrix: It has the capability of freezing everything around you. Some of them could be listed here, including arrows and mobs.

Polarity Inverser: The main function of this item is changing the gravity of the world. It also helps raise all mobs to the sky.

Atomic Deconstructor: Changing the atomic construction of mobs is possible with this item. It also makes mobs explode as well. Thus, apply this item for your mobs.

Pyrokinetic Repulsor: Place all mobs into fire.

Magnetic Drive: it is very useful for pulling your important items with the magnetic Drive. With this drive, it is easier to kill mobs but difficult to gain the loot.

Voltezla: It uses lightning to kill mobs. Once you complete this task, it will turn the pigs to the pigmen.

Arachnocyper: It makes mobs stuck by using cobweb.

Timewinder: It turns block and mobs back to the previous position. Thus, timewinder plays an important role in rewinding the time.

Nanovoid: When placing this item on the ground, you can pull all mobs in an easy way.

Compressed Xor: Its main task is storing xor. You can take advantage of this item to repair manipulator things. Combining well with an Magnetic Drive, it contributes significantly in getting all the xor.

List of Items and Crafting Recipes

  • Chronomatrix (500) includes 4 diamonds + 1 xor + 4 iron ingots
  • Polarity Inverser (501) includes 4 purple wool + 1 xor + 4 red wool
  • Atomic Deconstructor (502) includes 4 redstone blocks + 1 xor + 4 TNT blocks
  • Phantom Drive (503) contains 1 xor + 6 obsidian blocks
  • Pyrokinetic Repulsor (504) has 1 xor + 4 blaze rods
  • Magnetic Drive (505) has 4 iron ingots + 1 diamond block + + 1 hopper + 1 xor
  • Timewinder (506) has 2 glass blocks + 6 gold ingots + 1 xor
  • Xor (507) contains random drop rate and mine stone blocks
  • Voltezla (508) has 1 enchanted book + 5 iron ingots + 1 xor
  • Arachnocyper (509) includes 2 spider eyes + 2 strings + + 1 xor + 4 wool blocks
  • Nanovoid (510) has 1 polarity inverser + 1 compressed xor

List of Block and Crafting Recipes

  • Compressed Xor (210) has 3 xor + 6 obsidian blocks
  • Degraded Compressed Xor (213)

Notice: The Manipulator Mod is only compatible for 0.15. It is advisable for you to download the latest BlockLauncher beta here.


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