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Magical Staffs Mod for Minecraft PE

The special feature of this mod is that it comes with 9 magical staffs for you to discover. With the particular power, the staffs are responsible for regenerating health and teleporting. They are worth trying for many good reasons.

Founded by: ThunderModPE

How to Play Magical Staffs Mod

The first requirement is creating a staff and keeping it on your hands. This is so simple by reading item IDs and recipes.

Keep a long tap on the screen toward your wanted direction. Are you ready to explore a variety of staff abilities?

The Fire Staff can shoot fire effectively.

By shooting red particles, the Rage Staff can shoot the mob and let it fall.

Here is the function of the Fuzion Staff. It can release arrows to shoot mobs within 3-4 blocks.

An effective tool to defeat zombies is using the Wither Staff. It is a powerful weapon in producing ignited TNT blocks.

In case you need stronger health, you can make use of Health Staff.

What about the function of the Lightning Staff? It can kill mobs immediately by causing a lightning strike.

Learn more about other staffs in our page.

List of Crafting Recipes & Item IDs

  • Fire Staff (2000) includes 2 blaze rods and 3 fire charges
  • Air Staff (2001) includes 2 bones and 3 lapis lazuli blocks
  • Ender Pearl (2002) can be released by endermen
  • Ender Staff (2003) includes 2 blaze rods and 3 ender pearls
  • Wither Staff (2004) has 2 soul sand and 3 TNT blocks
  • Ruby (2005) includes 1 diamond and 2 redstones
  • Rage Staff (2006) includes 2 sticks and 3 ruby
  • Fuzion Staff (2007) 2 sticks, 2 diamonds, and 2 cactus green
  • Ice Staff (2008) includes 2 snow blocks and 3 ice blocks
  • Health Staff (2009) includes 1 golden apple , 2 pink dye, and 2 sticks
  • Lightning Staff (2010) has 1 diamond, 2 quartz blocks, and 2 sticks