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Magic Sticks Mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.5

Surely you did not stranger to sticky in Minecraft PE.And with Magic Sticks Mod, all sticks in it also has magic.That is an amazing mod.

It was created by CommandCrafter.Your world will be filled with magic.This mod provides nineteen magical sticks for you.All of them also have different abilities.Such as creating a huge explosion or can paralyze mobs.The author adds some command which help you use this mod.For example /sticks to get all the sticks in your inventory, /testeasteregg to get the secret stick.

Magic Sticks Mod
Magic Sticks
Magic Sticks Mod
Magic Sticks

Sticks IDs

  • Fly Stick (424) – lift a mob up in the air and tap again to drop them, it’s like Yoda’s telekinesis force power!
  • Explosive Stick (425) – spawns a primed TNT block wherever you use the stick
  • Electric Stick (426) – makes so a mob burns
  • Knockback Stick (427) – knocks a mob back
  • Paralyzer Stick (428) – allows you to paralyze mobs
  • Rain of Arrow Stick (429) – tap either a mob or the ground to spawn arrows 20 blocks above you which come falling
  • Revenge on Creeper Stick (430) – removes a creeper if used on a creeper
  • Mobs Duplicate Stick (431) – clone mobs
  • Mobs Infect Stick (432) – infect a mob to make it a zombie
  • Hole Stick (433) – generates a hole in the ground
  • Ice Stick (434) – turn water into ice
  • Low Health Stick (435) – sets a mob’s health to just one heart
  • Excavator Stick (436) – tap any block and it will be destroyed
  • Blocks Duplicate Stick (437) – duplicate blocks
  • Fire Stick (438) – basically the same as flint & steel
  • Random Mob Stick (439) – tap on the ground and a random mob will be spawned
  • Random Block Stick (440) – tap on the ground and a random block will be spawned
  • Camera Stick (441) – allows you to see the world from a mob’s eyes when used on one
  • Very Very Large Explosion Stick (500) – creates a very large explosion!



Magic Sticks Mod


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