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Magic Spy Glass Addon for Minecraft PE

This addon offers a special ability to see through Minecraft blocks. Thanks to an additional item of this addon, you can find many structures that are underneath the ground. Besides, a player is required to keep a necessary item to look through all of the walls.

Founded by: solvedDev

How to Play Magic Spy Glass Addon

The first way to keep the Magic Spy Glass item is fishing. The second way is typing the text command below: /give @s yellow_flower 1 1. It is obvious that these items are contained in stronghold chests.

By using this item, you can look through any block when coming close to it. It also helps you find ravines, caves, ores, and so on.

Remember to activate a behavior pack before playing this addon.

How to Install Magic Spy Glass Addon

  1. Download Resources & Behavior .McAddon
  2. Enable the pack for discovering a world in-game

Download a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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