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Mad Pixels [16×16] Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

This pack has the perfect combination between the simplicity and fun design. Compared to the default textures, Mad Pixels [16×16] Texture Pack shares many similarities. However, an outstanding feature of this pack is the sharp and fresh appearance. As a result, it is an ideal option for both survival worlds and most of builds.

The pack is founded by VeryMadCrafter and ported by Juliel.

These following pictures describe how Mad Pixels [16×16] Texture Pack works in a comprehensive way.

How to download Mad Pixels [16×16] Texture Pack

Follow our steps below to enjoy the full version of this pack. We ensure that it is a wonderful experience to enjoy.

  1. Download Resources .McPack (1.0)
  2. Download Resources .ZIP (1.0)

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