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LuckyTree SkyBlock [Survival] Map

Like other survival maps of SkyBlock, LuckyTree SkyBlock has many impressive features. The biggest difference is that there is no rule about the level of difficulty of this map. 4 islands of the map include a Lucky, a Stronghold, a Desert and the Main island.
Founded by: mcpedash

List of Islands

Lucky Island
It is so lucky to land on this island, where has a surprising oak tree called a Lucky Tree. There is no difficulty in realizing the change of leaves to Lucky Blocks. Use an Iron Pickaxe to break the Lucky Block.

Main Island
Coming to other islands is possible by creating a Cobblestone Generator.

Stronghold Island
After finishing the End Portal, you have a chance to access the End dimension.

Desert Island
Create the Nether Portal by using necessary resources and seeds.


Like other survival maps, you must try to survive and kill the Ender Dragon.

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How to Install LuckyTree SkyBlock [Survival] Map

Note: Activate Lucky Block pack before playing the game.
Download .McWorld
Download .McWorld
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