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Lucky Block Hardcore Mod for Minecraft PE

This mod requires you to overcome a minimum of 25 hardcore lucky block rounds. Besides, remember to set the difficulty at survival mode and break the lucky block.

Founded by: MasterPE

How to Play Lucky Block Hardcore Mod

You need to write the command /Hardcore when staying in the survival mode. It helps you get the hardcore lucky block. Another way to get the block is accessing the creative inventory and choosing the decoration tab.

  • Lucky Block Hardcore ( with the ID is 200)

After placing the block on the floor, you must destroy it.

What will happen after destroying the block? In most cases, there are bad things happen. It’s hard to meet awesome things such as a gear.

Pick me now!

Have you ever seen the creepers fly?

Be careful with other signals from zombies, lava, etc.

Luckily, everything seems to be safe in the daytime.

Avoid falling arrows.

Thanks for God!

Although most cases are bad, I am very lucky to obtain many fishes and necessary gear.



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