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Minecraft PE Seed: Lockett – River Village

The spawn is a flat grass area, after you spawn in front of you is little pond with some flower near it. To find the main section of this seed you just need straight ahead until you see an small river, cross that river and in front of you is a sand biome. Pretty soon you will reach to the village.






The first things that made a sign of the village is a stone tower and some roof of house in the village. Come close you will see the village has been divided become two parts by a nice river runs through the village. This village look like quite of normal village but if you try to searching careful you will find some interesting point of it. For example, in the center of the village have a well, dive into the well.


At the bottom of the well you need  break the floor blocks. And after a while the entrance leading down to the old library will appear. Follow it and soon you will reach to there.


Seeds : Lockett Work in PE ver0.9.0+ or ver0.9.5

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