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Lions Add-on for Minecraft PE

As its name suggests, this add-on offers the great replacement for some mobs in the world of game with lions. Lion is a powerful animal that needs high respect. It becomes extremely dangerous when it feels hungry. However, you can tame a strong lion to turn it into a friendly pet. Besides, a youngling lion seems to be very cute.

Founded by: Gona

Effective ways to tame a lion

In this game, you can see two main types of lions. One type replaces mooshrooms and the other type replaces cows. The only difference between these types is color. Thus, check the color to recognize them. Taming a baby lion is a simple task. You just need to feed it some raw materials such as fish or meat.

  • iOS / Android: All you need to do is holding some raw fish and raw meat securely, long pressing on the lion and pressing the button Tame
  • Windows 10: Your task is right clicking on the lion. Besides, feeding it some raw meat or raw fish

A tamed lion has the capability of following its owners. An adult lion with the full size can protect the owners from any danger. The lion grows naturally or by receiving food.

The lion becomes extremely powerful in the darkness. Once it produces 4 – 7 attack damages, nothing can survive.

Remember to protect your livestock from the lion. It will kill your pigs and sheep when it has the good condition.

One fact is that both normal and white lions tend to attack most of players and mobs. Outrunning the player is possible thanks to the faster speed. You had better hold a weapon to get more power to fight the player.

Try to tame as many lions as possible because they will be the great companions to help you overcome difficulties.

General Information of Lions Add-on

  • It has custom sounds
  • Cows are replaced by normal lions
  • Mooshroom is replaced by white lions
  • Wild
  1. Baby (Health has 5 hearts. You can feed a baby fish or raw meat. Moreover, it is passive as well.)
  2. Adult (There are 15 hearts in health. It has 4 – 7 attack damages. It becomes extremely dangerous when hungry. For instance, an adult can kill players, sheep, horses, pigs, villagers, polar bears, donkeys, and the others)
  • Tamed
  1. Baby (A baby is passive and has 7.5 hearts)
  2. Adult ( An adult has 20 hearts in health. It has the ability of following and protecting the owners. However, sometimes, a tamed adult can suddenly attack sheep and pigs)

How to install Lions Add-on

Follow our guides below to enjoy the full version of this addon.

  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for enjoying a world in-game

If you are interested in this game, feel free to get a .ZIP file for the addon here.

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