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Lightsabers Addon for Minecraft PE

There are 11 items in the addon, in which 9 ones are strong lightsabers. Each lightsaber is unique without the replacement of any existing item. They come with the special power basing on the tier.

Founded by: solvedDev

How to Play Lightsabers Addon?

The only way to get these lightsabers is waiting for the zombies to drop them. You can get important items from zombies such as zombie eye, zombie brain, or 9 lightsabers. However, the rate for a lightsaber to drop is low.

Type /give @p yellow_flower 1 [remember to enter a number between 1 and 11]. This allows you to get lightsabers.

4 levels of a lightsaber could be listed here, including:

  • Standard: 15 damages, +0.03 speed, +7 hearts
  • Common: 17 damages, +0.04 speed, +8 hearts
  • Rare: 18 damages, +0.05 speed, +9 hearts
  • Super: 20 damages, +0.06 speed, +10 hearts

Other levels that aren’t included in this addon are Luke Skywalker skins and Yoda.

How to Install Lightsabers Addon?

  1. Download Resource & Behavior .McAddon
  2. Enable the packs for enjoying a world in-game

Download a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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