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Lexerland [Creation] Map for Minecraft PE

There is a variety of destinations that you can explore in this map such as a city and so on. You can see the public version of this map nowadays. Many Lexerland cities come with different impressive designs such as apartment complexes, skyscrapers, etc. Feel confident to explore many great parts of the city now.

Founded by: Lexer_Gaming


Look at the features of v3.0.

  • The complex of IAMA has both IAMA tower and IAMA Tower
  • Harbor fence/walls
  • Stained glass is the replacement of normal glass
  • LBTV of the map includes Television and Lexerland Broadcast
  • Avrin Embassy, Peaceland Embssy, Republic Embassy, and Jhayville Embassy
  • Advanced infrastructure and roads
  • New shops appear in the Shard Mall

How to Install Lexerland [Creation] Map

Download .McWorld

Download .ZIP