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Leads – Coming Soon to Minecraft PE!

Minecraft Pocket Edition is steadily catching up with Minecraft PC. And one of the upcoming features that is going to help MCPE do that is Leads.

What are Leads?

A lead, also known as a leash, can be used by the player to lead passive mobs such as horses, pigs, wolves and the such. To make a lead, you need 4 string and a slime ball put in the crafting table.

What does it do? 

Once an animal is looked with a leash, you can bring the mob to any location you like. If there is a fence post nearby, you will be able to tie the rope to the post and keep the mob within a 5 block radius. There will be a visible knot on the fence post when the lead is tied (assuming that your device resolution can display that), and you are able to attach multiple leads to a fence post. Don’t stretch the rope, though, because if it stretched the maximum of 10 blocks, it can break. If the rope is extended to another dimension, it would also break.
That is it for now as far as Leads is concerned. Subscribe to MCPEbox.com for further information on the 0.15.0 Update.

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