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Kits Mod for MInecraft PE 0.10.5

If you are too depressed to lose this time that is cutting down trees and mining valuable blocks.This Kits Mod will help you improve that.

Kits Mod is a special mod which was made by andynazay153.It is about kít in Minecraft pE.This mod adds a new feature to the game.It can help you Cut right to the chase and get armor, tools, food, and weapons immediately.It adds  34 different kits.You will have new graphical interface button in the far bottom-right corner called Kits.Having some options for you.Such as Food, Sniper, Heavy.


Kits & Explanations

  • Clear Inventory: Clears your inventory of all items
  • Starter: Survive the first night
  • Sniper: Bow, some arrows and apples
  • Heavy: Gold armor, a wooden sword and some beef
  • Miner: Iron pickaxe and 64 torches – explore those caves!
  • Farmer: Hoe and seeds
  • Lumberjack: Axe and a leather armor
  • Builder: Crafting table and some blocks to build with
  • Smelter: Furnace, coal and ores to smelt
  • Super VIP: Full iron armor and lots of diamond tools
  • Trapper: Bow and a full stack of arrows, leather boots and chest plate, full stacks of logs and raw beefs.
  • Guardian: Full gold armor, a mysterious chest, a diamond sword, a cake and a bucket of lava
  • Food: stacks of 16: steaks, baked potatoes, beetroot soup, cooked porkchops, cooked chicken, bread loaves, mushroom stew, apples, carrots, pumpkin pies, slices of melon, cookies and cakes – when you are hungry!
  • Frogman: Full leather armor, a full stack of TNT, some flint & steel and a full stack of ladders
  • EPIC: Full diamond armor and of course a diamond sword – the best, right?!
  • Mine Manager:  Diamond axe, full stacks of powered rails and normal rails, a cake and a minecart and iron helmet
  • Construction Worker: Iron helmet, full stacks of wood and cobblestones, a half stack of cooked chicken and an iron pickaxe
  • Construction Manager: Diamond pickaxe, a cake, full stacks of powered rails, normal rails, wood, cobblestones, a minecart, a half stack of cooked chicken, a full leather armor except no helmet
  • Fighter: Iron chest plate and an iron sword
  • Demolisher: TNT, flint & steel, lava bucket and a stone sword
  • Light Scout: Bow, arrows, a stone sword and some iron boots
  • Heavy scout: Diamond sword and a bow and arrows
  • Knight: Iron sword with a full chain armor
  • King: A kingly golden helmet, leather armor, some mushroom stew and all iron tools
  • Thief: Leather helmet and some leather leggings, a half stack of carrots, a pickaxe and ironaxe and some water in a bucket
  • Sheriff: Iron sword, full chain armor, a full stack of steaks and flint & steel
  • Reinforced Trooper: Full chain armor, a bow with a full stack of arrows, a mighty diamond sword, some flint & steel and 10 TNTs
  • Gamer: Iron sword, a full stack of cooked potatoes, full iron armor and diamond tools and a flint & steel
  • Pirate: Bow and some arrows, a stone sword and 10 TNTs
  • Butcher: 6 full stacks of cooked beefs, raw porkchops, raw beef, cooked porkchops, raw chicken and cooked chicken –  a butcher’s dream! Addition to that, an iron axe and leather tunic
  • Hunter: Diamond sword, bow and lots of arrows and apples and a full leather armor
  • Scientist: Iron sword, half stack of cooked potatoes and a diamond shovel for excavation
  • Executioner: Full leather armor without the chest, some carrots and an iron axe
  • Aventurer: Full chain armor, a clock and compass, stone tools and a full stack of cooked steaks
  • Baker: 16 bread loaves, 16 cookies, a furnace and 5 cakes
  • Admin: Full diamond armor, lots of tools and 64 cobblestones
  • VIP: Full iron armor, lots of tools, a full stack of wooden planks



Kits Mod


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