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King of the Hill Map For Minecraft PE 0.12.1

King of the Hill Map is a map of PvP in minecraft. The goal is to reclaim the Hill with Skulls in the game/map. You can play with 5-10 Players also can play in teams of two (A total of 10 players).

Place of you choose the skull on the top of the Hill (just below the lava). And in every minute you get the Point. Team/Player with the most points Win in 30 minutes (you can set your own time limit. Just you track time and score). You can manually, create and break the blocks (instructions are in the map). There is the structure around the hills, in the structures that contain the items such as wood, iron, arrows etc. There are also upgrading the Corners is located in each corner of the map, allowing the player to upgrade and improve their equipment & Armor.



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