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Minecraft PE seed : KFC – 6 Diamonds and A Village

In this seed we will going to find the 6 diamond it’s located in the a small village close the spawn. After you spawn, in front of you is a lava pool on your left follow that direction then you will see the village. The village quite small and doesn’t blacksmith but it have some farm to produce food. Back to the main section of this seed, it located in the center of the village is a well all of thing you need is dive into the water and dig straight down until you see lava pouring out from one of the walls. After few second you will reach to the cave system. Take a few minutes to searching you will find lots of rare ore like: redstone, gold… and the most important is diamonds you can find total 6 diamond in this seed. Searhing carefully. Any suggest in the video below


The village
The well
lava pouring out from one of the walls



Seeds : KFC  Work in PE ver0.10.0+ or ver0.10.5

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