Kart Addon

If you are looking for an interesting race, this addon is a good choice. It gets the inspiration from the Mario Kart. There is only one player to sit in each kart. The game is so funny with 12 colors and custom sounds. Don’t worry if you don’t understand this game because it comes with 5 languages, including German, English US, Slovak, Czech and English GB.
Founded by: Nogard

How to Play Kart Addon

As the replacement of Cave Spiders and Spiders, the Karts can be founded in many caves. One effective way to access the Kart is using the spawn eggs.
• Windows 10: After making a right click on the Kart, you can control it immediately
• iOS / Android: After making a long press on the Kart, you should choose the Drive button

The advantage of this vehicle is the surprisingly fast speed.

License Terms

You must agree with all terms of the game before downloading it.

How to Install Kart Addon

Choose the following version to download.
Black & White .McAddon
Pink & Purple .McAddon
Red & Blue .McAddon
Light Blue & Silver .McAddon
Yellow & Lime .McAddon
Orange & Green .McAddon
Use the pack for discovering a world in game
Access the world