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JurassiCraft Mod for Minecraft PE 0.13.0

JurassiCraft Mod  is a creative and special mod which is about crafting in Minecraft PE.It was made by geraldha459.It is so wide and complex.This mod adds many new kinds of items.Such as  items, mobs, syringe, and  DINOSAURS.in this mod, you need to craft Syringes.Because it is used to transform mobs to a certain.For each type of dinosaurs or animals will have a different Syringe.Or you can use eggs to spawn dinosaurs.That is so amazing when you have a dinosaur in your world.


Items IDs:

  • Alosaurus egg
  • Ankylosaurus egg
  • Brachiosaurus egg
  • Compsognathus egg
  • Dienonychus egg
  • Diloposaurus egg
  • Dodo egg
  • Elasmotherium egg
  • Eudimorphodon egg
  • Gallimimus egg
  • Horse egg
  • Indomnius egg
  • Liopleurodon egg
  • Mammoth egg
  • Mosasaurus egg
  • Nautilus egg
  • Pachycepalosaurus egg
  • Plesiosaur egg
  • Pterosaur egg
  • Quagga egg
  • Spinosaurus egg
  • Stegosaurus egg
  • TRex egg
  • Triceratops egg
  • Velociraptor egg



JurassiCraft Mod

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