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More Jockeys Mod for Minecraft PE

With 21 new jockeys, More Jockeys Mod promises to make players feel surprised in many aspects. Jockeys here refer to some types of animals like a zombie. The way Jockeys spawn is using spawn eggs. However, it is still an amazing game to discover.

Founded by: Dogfrosted

How does More Jockeys Mod work?

All you need to do is selecting the spawn eggs from the creative inventory. It is an essential requirement for spawning all of the jockeys. Some main jockeys here include the Cow Jockey, the Skeleton Horseman, and the Chicken Jockey.

This is the Kamikaze Skeleton, a great jockey in the More Jockeys Mod. While riding a bat, the skeleton has the great capability of spawning 20 spiders with ignited TNTs on back. After some seconds of spawning, it will cause a great epic explosion.

Let’s pay attention to Wolf of Fire Jockey. With the ability to ride an angry wolf, this iron golem tends to attack hostile mobs.

You can enjoy two other items with the special functionalities. One of them is Emerald of Battle. If you tap on these items, they will start fighting each other to attack hostile mobs.

If you are keen on this game, let’s try to discover more jockeys by yourself!

List of Item IDs

  • Emerald of Battle (2000)
  • Invisible Jockey (2001)
  • Kamikaze SKeleton (2002)
  • Diamond of Lightning Bolt (2003)
  • Ghast Fireball (2004)
  • Skeleton Horseman (2005)
  • Chicken Jockey (2006)
  • Cow Jockey (2007)
  • Pig Jockey (2008)
  • Wolf of Fire Jockey (2009)
  • Wolf of Water Jockey (2010)
  • Wolf of Snow Jockey (2011)
  • Runner Skeleton (2012)
  • Zombie Horse Jockey (2013)
  • Spider Jockey (2014)
  • Sheep Jockey (2015)
  • Wolf Jockey (2016)
  • Ocelot Jockey (2017)
  • Spider Jockey 2 (2018)
  • Zombie Jockey (2019)
  • Husk Jockey (2020)


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