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JeromeASF skin for Minecraft PE

Minecraft YouTuber and member of Team Crafted.

Jerome Robert Aceti (born March 9, 1994), better known by his online aliases JeromeASF and ASFJerome, is a 21-year-old American YouTuber that primarily posts Minecraft let’s plays, and minigames. Jerome is a member of a group labeled “The Pack” which consists of youtubers such as BajanCanadian. Vikkstar123, Lachlan, Prestonplayz and Woofless. He is also well known for founding the Call of Duty channel with friend and fellow YouTuber, BajanCanadian, whom he collaborates with in many of his videos. This channel later came to include TheNoochM. Recently, Jerome has been recording many videos with YouTubers such as Vikkstar123, BillWarlow, and he records many videos with xRPMx13. He has two Minecraft accounts, Hacksource and JeromeASF. He often used Hacksource in older videos, but he currently uses ASFJerome in almost all of his videos. Recently Jerome has stopped recording with members of Team Crafted and other YouTubers such as, LegendXTaz, AciDicBlitz,TheNoochM, and more. However, he has recorded some videos with some old friends, such as PeteZahHut,LogDotZip,TheRealKenWorth more in his season 1 of How To Minecraft.


JeromeASF skin for Minecraft PE
JeromeASF skin for Minecraft PE




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