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Jeeps Addon for Minecraft PE

If you are looking for high-quality cars in the addon, you should pay attention to Jeeps Addon. In addition to a detailed jeep, it also equips sounds adjusted while driving. There are 12 distinct colors for you to choose from. Besides, a big plus of these cars is that they run smoothly on most of the terrains. Avoid the terrains with water because it can sink your cars.

Founded by: Gona

How to Play Jeeps Addon

You must make use of a cave spider spawn egg or a spider to drive a car. There are 6 resource packs in the addon. Each of them has two cars. You can recognize each car by observing the colors.

  • Windows 10: Make a right click on the car
  • iOS / Android: when you come close to the car, make a long press on it and controlling the car by pressing the Drive button

Keep a key in your hands to drive the car. To contrast, unequip the car to stop it.

The container storage of each car has 27 stacks for storing blocks and items.

If the sky is dark, turn on the headlights.

The newest model comes with 2 colors. It is ideal for a military jeep.

Here are Red and Blue

Purple and Green

White and Black

Green and Orange

Yellow and Lime

Jeeps for Military


  • Remade behaviors
  • Adjusted names
  • Adjusted sounds
  • The jeep chest continues to work
  • The cave spider jumps correctly

How to Install Jeeps Addon

Download Behavior .McPack

Choose one of the resource packs below to download:

Enable the pack for discovering a world in-game.

Download a .ZIP file here.

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