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Item Frames in 0.14.0 update

Item Frames are coming to the upcoming update of Minecraft Pocket Edition! Most of you are probably thrilled in anticipation for its release. Yes, it’s coming soon enough!

Item Frames


Item Frame is a frame in Minecraft that you can put something in it. Anything, really, mostly. And it will display the item. Kind of handy to show off your achievements. It’s primarily a decorative item.

How to craft item frames

  • 1 Leather + 8 Sticks => 1 Item Frame

Item Frames can be used as something of a monument, as they can display the item or block that is inside them. This is an opportunity for you to show off your pass adventures and remembered that time that Creeper almost blew you up. Item Frames can also generate a Redstone Signal using Redstone Comparator by rotating the item or block inside them.

  • After 0.14.0, you can use item frame to make a ‘wall clock’ (rumored).
  • Version Exclusive: Item Frames in Pocket Edition are blocks and not entities.
  • When the displayed blocks or items are named and are shown in the Item Frame, their names will appear when tapped.
  • Item Frame in Minecraft Pocket Edition uses the new Minecraft PC 1.9 sounds for placement and the rotation of the item inside the Item Frame.
  • The border of the item frame is made of Birch Wood Planks.

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