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Interstellar Space Skies Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

Have you ever seen the sky at night? With this pack, there are many different moon phases to discover. They come in a variety of sizes for you to amazingly look with your bare eyes.

Founded by: MCPEAlpha

How to Play Interstellar Space Skies Texture Pack

What is special about the moon? It experiences 8 moon phases, which are replaced by beautiful objects.

Setting these moon phases is so easy by 2 methods. The first one is waiting the night to pass. Another effective way is typing this text command /time add <amount> (e.g. /time add 3000). Avoid using /time set because it will make the time reset.

Andromeda Galaxy: This is a beautiful planet that is close to the Milky Way.

Ring Nebula: It looks like a dying star in the sky.

Magnetar: This star makes impressive by the superior magnetic power.

Supernova: This star looks sparkling with a huge source of brightness.

Star Cluster: It is the collection of many stars.

Black Hole: It can attract most of the items from far distances thanks to the gravitation.

Crab Nebula: It seems that a supernova had left this remnant in the sky.

Asteroid: This star looks like floating rocks.

The Sun: The sun becomes more realistic in this pack.

How to Install Interstellar Space Skies Texture Pack

  1. Download Resource Pack
  2. Enable pack for exploring a world in-game (or in Global resources)

Receive a .ZIP file for this resource pack here.