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Instant Structures Mod for Minecraft PE

Setting up your beautiful structures is possible with Instant Structures Mod. At present, you can make use of 7 unique blocks to build up your structures. Two most outstanding structures are a large farmland and a solid well.

Founded by: Eaglerex

How to Play Instant Structures Mod

Get 7 blocks by writing this command /getblocks. Other recipes can be found in the next parts.

After placing the blocks on the floor, you need to tap them for getting an automatic building. Each block requires 1-2 seconds to complete the automatic building.

List of Crafting Recipes and Block IDs

  • Structure Block (201) includes 4 oak saplings, 4 oak fence, 1 oak wood plank
  • Small Fountain Block (202) includes 2 slabs, 1 structure block, 1 bucket, 3 quartz blocks
  • Art Block (203) includes 8 hardened clay and 1 structure block
  • Well Block (204) includes 2 cobblestone slabs, 1 structure block, 2 oak fence, 3 cobblestones, 1 bucket
  • Fence Block (205) includes 8 oak fence, 1 structure block
  • Big Fountain block (206) includes 1 nether brick slabs, 1 structure block, 4 quartz blocks, 1 bucket
  • Farm Block (207) includes 1 structure block, 1 bucket, 7 dirt blocks
  • Enchantment Room Block (208) includes 1 enchantment table, 1 structure block, 3 glass blocks, 4 bookshelves


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