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Instant Buildings Mod for Minecraft PE

It is easy to spawn in this mod without the need of a jungle temple. Instant Buildings Mod makes your world more beautiful with up to 27 structures of the building. Feel free to place these buildings everywhere you want.

Founded by: leosantos157

How to Play Instant Buildings Mod

Although Portuguese is the main language in this mod, you can understand all texts by reading our today post.

Go to the creative inventory to receive important items for building your structures.

  • Selecionar Construcao ( another name is Build Selector) (ID: 510)
  • Construir Construcao (another name is Build Constructor) (ID: 511)

Use the Build Selector and the GUI. It helps you set up the buildings effectively. The building is unchallengeable thanks to 7 available categories.

Here are some examples of constructions.

  • Decorations
  • Farms
  • Pixel art
  • Villas
  • Vehicles
  • Temples

Next, you must convert to Build Constructor. Tap on the ground, and you no longer see the building. These following images tell you some available buildings.

Notice: You must use the newest BlockLauncher beta to activate the mod.




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