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Innumerous Blocks Addon (1.8+)

What are the new features in this addon? They include more than 70 new Minecraft building blocks for decorating your building or your home. Other useful items are colored bricks, bookshelves, and planks. Getting these blocks is unchallengeable thanks to the support of 5 villagers.

Founded by: ForgeLogical

The responsibility of the Carpenter Villager is trading you the new dyed wood. All you need to do is giving the villager any dye or oak planks to get the suitable dyed planks.

Besides, you can get the dyed Bricks by giving him any dye and a Brick Block. Other items you can get are cracked, mossy and diorite bricks.

You can get suitable bricks by trading with other villagers such as the Gemcutter Villager, the Compressioner Villager, and the Book Curator.


How to Set Up Innumerous Blocks Addon (1.8+)