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Infinite TNT Spleef [PvP] Map For Minecraft PE 0.12.1

TNT Infinite Spleef [PvP] Map was created with the purpose of killing those who play using the block and a number of tools are provided.

The special thing of this map are the TNT blocks, they are present everywhere this means that you can die at any time if neglected, unfocused. This is a large map, it needs at least 4 players to be able to boot and start the fun, please join your game with your friends and family. Please destroy all rivals to step up glory, only a single winner and he will be king of the game on PvP, the rest can revenge if you want, it is because the Your self-talk together. Good luck.




  • Always stay within a 50 block radius of at least one other player.
  • No teams.
  • Play with points. Points are gained when killing another player. Player with the most points is the winner. This means someone who decides to camp cannot win.

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Infinite TNT Spleef [PvP] Map

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