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Infinite Elytra Flight Mod (Android) for Minecraft PE

When using this mod, you can fly forever with the equipment of the elytra wings. It is essential if you are looking for a simple and fast way to discover Minecraft. For faster speed of loading, you should invest in high-end devices. These modern devices equip new components for quick operating and loading.  However, I have tested this function in my old tablet and it comes with no problem.

Founded by: ShadowOfWolf

How Does Infinite Elytra Flight Mod (Android) Work?

After getting a pair of elytra wings, you are able to fly. Your responsibility now is looking upwards to reach the higher level of flying. Feel free to fly everywhere you want.

To have the realistic feeling of wearing invisible elytra wings, you could download this resource pack as the following.

Look at this video to have the full description about it.

Notice: This mod is only compatible with Android devices. I tried BlockLauncher to enjoy its application.


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