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Impossibility Puzzle Parkour Map for MCPE

Impossibility is a map with a series of tests which you, as the test subject, will have to go through in order to be released and gain back your freedom. Failure to complete all the challenges means you will be locked up in this place for all eternity! So there is no other way around it other than complete all the task that test you both physically and mentally.

All credit goes to FlameDemon


Hello, test subject! Yes. You there. You are my test subject who will participate in a series of experiments. If you manage to complete all of them with your life still in tact, you are a free man. If you fail, you will be here forever, dead or alive.

Rules for Impossibility

  • Do not break blocks unless told to do so
  • Set difficulty to peaceful

The first tests are some easy parkour.


Things should get more difficult and deadly soon enough!


There is a task in which you have to find a needle in a haystack! Really. But if you pay attention to the clues then it would not really be that nature.



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