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Importing Worlds to MCPE in Future Update

The 0.14.0 version of Minecraft Pocket Edtion will come with loads of new mobs and and items. But perhaps the biggest edition is Importing Worlds to MCPE in a future Update. For the first time ever, you will be able to import worlds in game.

importing worlds in mcpe

As updates continue, features are being added over time to give players more control of the file system in Minecraft PE. There are plans to bring much more control in the future, and will be reported here once that time comes.

In early 2016, it is hinted that Importing Worlds to MCPE will be available in the 0.14.0 Update. But that remained a rumor as the feature was not included. Update 0.14.0 has come out. We already had a first glimpse of 0.15.0 with the beta 1 release and the introduction of Realms. Yet, still no world imports.

As of right now. We still have zero concrete information on what World import on Minecraft Pocket edition is about. Does it work both ways? Does it allow us to play PC worlds on Minecraft PE, does it allow us to use PE worlds on Consoles, we have no information. And it has been so long that the piece of information was put in the back burner for months. However, we can all agree that this is a feature that all Minecraft players in all platforms would want added into the game.

Here’s a screenshot of what this importing worlds would look like:

importing worlds in mcpe

It is believed by fans and Mojang employees that Importing Worlds to MCPE will come to Minecraft PE in the near future. And when that time comes, I will tell you all about it. Subscribe to MCPEbox.com now to get the latest news on Minecraft Pocket Edition, as well as awesome Minecraft PE contents. I’m iGazen, and I will see you soon.

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