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The Illusion of Terror (Horror) [Adventure] (1.2 Only) Map for Minecraft PE

If you want to experience horror games, you should put the Illusion of Terror (Horror) [Adventure] (1.2 Only) Map in your consideration. The map comes with a modern system of command block to increase the level of horror. Other impressive features of the map include crisp textures and sounds. These factors make the game more interesting than ever before.

Founded by: Vladu11

What is The Storyline of This Map?

When you can’t receive the calls or notifications from your old friend, you determine to visit his house and you are surprised by what happened. The blood appears everywhere. You want to enter the bathroom, but be careful with creepy things ahead.

Main Settings

  • Select 100 of brightness
  • Select 90-100 for field of view
  • Choose Off for Beautiful skies
  • You need to activate behavior pack and resource
  • Different players can enjoy the map, but it works best for 1 player
  • It needs manual extraction if this map can’t import you correctly
  • You need to use at least version 1.2 to enable the game


  • The size of file should be optimized from 250 MB to 70 MB
  • The library has been changed
  • Finding new secret locations is possible
  • There are 6 hidden secret coins
  • Upgraded multiplayer
  • Fixed radio
  • New textures, tools, food, clothes, rooms, sounds

How to Install The Illusion of Terror (Horror) [Adventure] (1.2 Only) Map

Notice: It allows the size of the file up to 60 MB.

Download .McWorld

Download .ZIP

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