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Minecraft PE Seed: ilikeminecraftpeupdates – Flower Extreme Hills

After the spawn, in front of  you is trees and some mushroom. So easy to realize you spawn on the border of a taiga biome and the mushrooms biome. Then we have two options here, first you can explore the mushrooms biome then you can go ahead or turn around and follow that direction to see the extreme hills and flower hills. 


In this post, we just guild you to finding the extreme hills because you will get lots of surprise if you reach to there. From the spawn cross the taiga forest biome, just follow the coast and after a while you will get to the some extreme hills in front of you but before get there don’t forget check some caves and holes in the path of coast maybe you can finding somethings good for your adventure.


The first sign at the begining of the extreme hills biome is flower, in in your path you meet some flower that meaning you very close to the extreme hills biome. The extreme biome will welcome you by a huge overhangs and massive lavafalls.




Try to climing on the top of highest mountains and see the terrain below, flower everywhere.. it made a beautiful view.



Seeds : ilikeminecraftpeupdates Work in PE ver0.9.0+ or ver0.9.5

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