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Igloo At Spawn Seed for Minecraft PE

Igloo At Spawn Seed impresses you by an amazing igloo structure. It takes you a short time to move this place because you spawn nearly there. In addition to a basic shelter, there is a secret lair for you to discover in this seed.

Created by: coolenderman

You have to overcome 50 blocks to move from the spawn to the igloo. Once you spawn, you will see it immediately. Turn left, and you can meet the igloo located in a big snow biome.

Although the igloo is not so luxury, it offers a great shelter at night.

There are different items for you to explore there. These items could be listed here, including a furnace, a crafting table, and a bed. They play an important role in helping you survive during your adventure. The secret trapdoor is under the carpets of the floor.

After opening the secret trapdoor and climbing down the ladder, you can find a hidden room. This room includes a golden apple, rotten flesh, and some coals. It also imprisons a zombie and a villager there.

Seed: 274644153

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