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Ice Spikes Village Close to Spawn Seed for Minecraft PE

The destination for you to spawn is in a small village of an impressive ice spikes biome. It takes you a short time of getting to the spawning destination. You just need to overcome some hundred blocks. Other parts of the village combine well with each other in setting up its beauty.

Creator: pinkkatz

How to Play Ice Spikes Village Close to Spawn Seed

A plains biome is the place for you to spawn. After overcoming the river, you can see a snow biome. After that, turn right and move ahead to the biome. There is a snowfield in front of you. Continue and you will find a small hill that is located behind a small river. Now, the ice spikes village is welcoming you.

The first impression of the village is the small size and the shelter appearance. Due to the high thickness of snow, the village lacks of the blacksmith and the development of plants. However, it is still a beautiful village to discover.

Seed: 187626364


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