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HyperSheep – Get Full Armor

In this seed we will find full a iron armor in five minutes. After spawning on this Minecraft Pocket Edition Seed you will find one part of the armo close with you, you can find it in the blacksmith on the village located on the right of you at the spawn point. Let’s come to there.


In the village have three farms, some houses and one blacksmith. In the blacksmith you can get two pairs of iron leggings. Now, get some wood to craft 2 pickaxe to prepare find other remain part.


Cross the the river close the village, you will find an cave (as you can see it in the images below). In the cave except the other part of the armor, an iron sword you will find a lot of iron. Moreover, you will find some redstone, lapis lazuli, gold and one-three diamonds.


Because this cave system quite complex then we can’t definitely exaclly the located of all above. Then you need explered it. Good Luck!


Seeds : HyperSheep Work in PE ver0.10.0+

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