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Husk Boss Mod for Minecraft PE 0.15.0/0.14.3/0.14.0

A husk is a new hostile mob which might be added in the next update of Minecraft PE, which is version 0.15.0. I am not sure about that because there are no sources telling me so. Basically they are zombies, but they spawn in deserts, and they are much more scarier. The Husk Boss Mod adds the possibility to the game to spawn a boss which looks very much similar to the husks. The big difference, though, is that this guy is many times more dangerous than what a normal husk would be!

All credit goes to Thuan Le

How to Fight the Husk Boss?

Use a husk boss spawn egg to spawn that creature in the game. Make sure that you are prepared before you spawn him because he will kill you after he spawns.

  • Spawn Husk Boss (ID: 2000) – 3 soul sand + 1 diamond + 2 obsidian

husk boss

This mob has the ability to explode, teleport, and basically cause an epic and confusing mayhem. He has much more health than any ordinary mobs. It would take arould 15 hits from a diamond sword to take him out.

husk boss

When you manage to kill the boss, he will drop 30 sand blocks, 30 diamonds, and 200 experience points. Even though he is undoubtedly dangerous and hard to kill, the reward is surely worth it!


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