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The Hungry Bot [Minigame] Map for Minecraft PE

This robot especially keens on eating food in Minecraft world. Therefore, keep in mind to feed it well. This feeding process last forever because the robot doesn’t experience the age and die stage.

Founded originally by Mumbo Jumbo, the Hungry Bot [Minigame] Map is a great choice for users who love the PC version for Minecraft.

Founded by: AgentCPU0

How does The Hungry Bot [Minigame] Map Work?

Your task is feeding the robot regularly. After taking important food items from the chest, you need to pour food in the hopper. It is a simple way to feed the robot. It is advisable for you to change the UI of the video settings to “Classic” design when using Android or iOS devices. Remember that one item can be dropped only one time. By switching appropriately, you help the process of dropping food easier.

To make the robot happy, you should lit up different redstone lamps.


How to Install The Hungry Bot [Minigame] Map 

Download .McWorld

Download .ZIP

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