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Minecraft PE Seed: hulk zoo – Multiple Survival Islands

In this seed you spawn in a group of survival island, with two large part has been connected by a small stripe of sand. Because the type of this seed is surival seed then the resource in this feed does not much, then using them careful. Start at the island with no tree and also doesn’t anything….
Spawn on a survial island has been divided into two part has been connected by a small stripe of sand.
Doesn’t have any tree or anything

But don’t worry you can find an other small island from the spawn island, swim to opposite direction about 20-30 blocks then you will reach to the other island have some tree and the island got a more round shape. Look so traidtional.


From the second island if you want to see and epic mountains with extreme overhang, the easy ways is turn let and swim about 50 blocks. And son you can build a great base in there. Good Luck!!!



Seeds : hulk zoo Work in PE ver0.9.0+ or ver0.9.5

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