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How to use Minecraft PE seeds

Minecraft PE players are certainly familiar with the word “seed”. A seed in Minecraft PE is a random combination of digits and letters to help you create the world you play in by the creation program of game world. Do follow these steps below to ensure that you will use seeds effectively.

Minecraft PE

Step 1

Click New to create a world after Minecraft has been launched. You will see a screen requesting you to enter the new name for your game and a field labelled “Seed”. Be sure that you click Creative which is next to Survival.

Step 2

Determine seeds what you want. Seeds change terrain which you find yourself in when you download your new game in Minecraft. You might be in a desert, a forest or on an island depending on seeds you enter. Before you enter a seed, look online resources which seeds and corresponding environment that each seed creates. Some is simple and related others glitches or cheats.

Step 3

Enter the seed combination in the Seed field. Here are some seeds collected on the Internet. These seeds are all for “Infinite” world type. There are still countless seeds, so give these a shot and try to seek for your own.

  • 1402364920 – This creates an “Ice Spike”, a very unique biome
  • 3015911 – This helps you start directly above Diamond, Iron and Redstone blocks. This also gives you a perfect beginning.
  • 1388582293 – This creates a world with a huge network of connected villages.

Step 4

Start your game and enjoy your seeds as you spawn into new environmental terrain. A part of Minecraft PE relies on this kind of seed-based creativity.

Step 5

Find and share seeds for your current world. You have a random game and want to share it with your friends? You can find seeds for any saved worlds in the latest version of Minecraft PE.

  • Back to the main menu and clink Play. This will open a list of your saved worlds.
  • Click Edit in the right corner.
  • Look underneath the file size for the world you want to share. You will see a set of letters. This is seed for your world. Make sure that you include all of characters when sharing it, including any letters.

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